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What is a Server? Servers vs Desktops Explained


What are servers? This is an animated video explaining the difference between servers and desktop computers. This video also explains the difference between Xeon server CPUs and Intel core desktop CPUs. ►Get the VPN that I use (affiliate). 🤍 Save 65% on a 2-year plan + 4 months free

Install & Configure OpenVPN Server on Windows


How to install and configure OpenVPN server on Windows 10 You and your co-workers often work remotely. You want to build a vpn server on Windows operating system. In this video, I will show you how to install OpenVPN server on Windows Commands 🤍 NETGEAR WiFi 6 Router 🤍 TP-Link WiFi 6 Router 🤍 Please HELP ME 10K subscribers #bth #openvpn #windows10

What's the BEST home server operating system?


In this video, we'll take a closer look at the operating system that you might want to run on your home server, such as Linux, Windows, Hypervisors or NAS Systems. I'll explain which options I think are the best, and in which situation they make the most sense for a beginner or pro. Let's explore and evaluate some of the best operating systems for home servers. #homelab #homeserver #operatingsystem Teleport-*: 🤍 *Related Videos/Links* 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 *💜 Support me and become a Fan!* → 🤍 *💬 Join our Community!* → 🤍 *Read my Tech Documentation* 🤍 *My Gear and Equipment* 🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction 01:28 - Advertisement-* 02:14 - Linux 06:19 - Windows 07:21 - Type-1 Hypervisors 09:07 - Best Hypervisor Platforms 12:45 - NAS Systems 15:05 - Conclusion All links with "*" are affiliate links.

How to Check if a Port is Open on Windows Server (2016, 2019, 2022)


Do you need to check for open ports in Windows Server? Join Adam in this video to learn how to check if a port is open on your computer using two different methods; PowerShell and the Windows Command Line. These methods are the same in Windows Server 2016, 2019, and 2022. For more Windows Server Training visit ITProTV: 🤍 00:00 Intro 02:25 Using PowerShell 04:23 Using Windows Command Line Connect with Adam Gordon: Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 #checkifaportisopenonserver #checkopenportwindowsserver #checkportwindowsserver

Introducing Server Manager


This video provides a quick overview of Server Manager and its capabilities including how to add other servers to be managed.

Ik Open Mijn Eigen Minecraft Server


Vandaag Open Ik Mijn Eigen Minecraft Server ✔️ Abonneer voor goeie content: 🤍 Vind mij ook op: 📷 Instagram: 🤍 🎵 Spotify: 🤍 Kaashosting: 🤍 Discord: 1️⃣ Mijn Discord: 🤍 2️⃣ ContentVeen: 🤍 Alle afspeellijsten: 👮GTA 5 Roleplay: 🤍 🍩Henkie: 🤍 🔥ContentVeen: 🤍 🎥Livestreams: 🤍 🛠️Henkie's monteur deur: 🤍 🥦 Minecraft Texture Pack: 🤍 🌰 Outro nummer: 🤍

What's on my Home Server? MUST HAVE Services!


Checkout OnlyOffice! Free and Open Source alternative to Microsoft Office: 🤍 In this video we will overview the 5 services on my home lab that are a must! Running your own server can be as simple as a small Pi to a full dedicated rack mount. Homelab: 🤍 00:00 - What's a Homelab? 02:04 - Dashboard 02:45 - Docker GUI 04:07 - Media Streaming 06:27 - Downloading 07:41 - Monitoring 08:52 - Storage and Backup 10:54 - DNS Filter 1. Heimdall: 🤍 2. Yacht: 🤍 3. Jellyfin: 🤍 4. Transmission-OpenVPN: 🤍 5. Uptime Kuma: 🤍 6. Synology NAS (OR TrueNAS): 🤍 7. PiHole: 🤍 YOUTUBE MEMBER: 🤍 BECOME PATREON: 🤍 JOIN DISCORD: 🤍 FOLLOW ME: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 My Workstation (PAID LINKS) ASUS ROG M16: 🤍 DeepCool MATREXX 40: 🤍 AMD 3700x: 🤍 ASRock B550M: 🤍 G.Skill Trident Z Neo: 🤍 Radeon RX 580: 🤍 Sceptre 32" QHD Monitor: 🤍

Home Server Setup - Turn your old PC into a useful home server


Many people have older machines laying around that they'd like to repurpose into a home server, but just don't know how. Hopefully this video makes the process a bit less intimidating. Proxmox Setup - 🤍 Unraid Testing - 🤍 TrueNAS Scale Nas Setup - 🤍 TrueNAS Core - 🤍 OpenMediaVault - 🤍 - 🛒 Amazon Shop - 🤍 👕 Merch - 🤍 - 🔥 Check out this week's BEST DEALS in PC Gaming from Best Buy: 🤍 💰 Premium storage solutions from Samsung: 🤍 ⚡ Keep your devices powered up with charging solutions from Anker: 🤍 - Become a Channel Member! 🤍 Support the channel on: Patreon - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 Paypal - 🤍 Affiliate Links: Ryzen 9 5950x - 🤍 Samsung 980 1TB - 🤍 Logitech G513 - 🤍 Logitech G703 - 🤍 WD Ultrastar 12TB - 🤍 My Studio Equipment: Sony FX3 - 🤍 Sony 24mm 1.4 GM - 🤍 Tascam DR-40x Audio Recorder - 🤍 Rode NTG4+ Mic - 🤍 Atmos NinjaV - 🤍 Godox SL150 Light - 🤍 Join the Discord: 🤍 🤍 0:00 Intro 1:02 Prerequisites/Hardware 7:35 Windows 10 Home Server 14:21 Proxmox Home Server 22:56 Conclusion

Your Own Fast VPN Server (Free Forever) Setup Tutorial


If you found this useful, please consider buying me a coffee ☕ 🤍 This video demonstrates how to set up an OpenVPN instance on your own server, using Oracle's free tier for cloud hosting. It is a step by step guide, and you can use the commands here to set up your own, completely private VPN. Commands & links used in the video are here: 🤍 This is based on the Oracle developer blog here: 🤍 0:00 Introduction 2:32 Oracle Server Setup 3:07 SSH Setup 3:58 Firewall config 4:52 OpenVPN config 7:45 OpenVPN client setup 8:48 Conclusions

How to create a File server for a small company


How to build a file server for small organization or small company Dream 600K Sub 🤍 #netvn #fileserver #windows11

Your Old PC is Your New Server


Thanks to Pulseway for sponsoring this video! Try Pulseway for free to start monitoring and managing your server or PC, and get 20% off for a limited time at 🤍 Buy Seagate Ironwolf Pro 12TB on Amazon: 🤍 Buy Kingston 2.5" SSD: 🤍 Buy Windows 10: 🤍 Buy 5.25 to 3.5" Drive Adapter on Amazon: 🤍 Get UnRAID: 🤍 Winaero: 🤍 Plex: 🤍 Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Discuss on the forum: 🤍 ► GET MERCH: 🤍 ► AFFILIATES, SPONSORS & REFERRALS: 🤍 ► PODCAST GEAR: 🤍 ► SUPPORT US ON FLOATPLANE: 🤍 FOLLOW US ELSEWHERE - Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 MUSIC CREDIT - Intro: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: 🤍 iTunes Download Link: 🤍 Artist Link: 🤍 Outro: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High Video Link: 🤍 Listen on Spotify: 🤍 Artist Link: 🤍 Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa 🤍 Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 🤍 Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 🤍 Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 🤍 CHAPTERS - 0:00 Intro 0:51 Servers = Computers 2:33 Shocking reveal 3:30 Starting fresh 4:30 Software 5:15 Network Share 6:46 What's next? 8:17 DVD's are dead 9:45 RAID: Shadow Copy 9:59 Storage Spaces

What's On My Home Server? Storage, OS, Media, Provisioning, Automation


- What applications do I run on my home server? - What OS am I using? - How do I automate deploying and provisioning? - How do I secure my services from unauthorized access? ...and many other questions, answered in this video 😊 Links: My Ansible Playbook: 🤍 My Ubuntu Autoinstall Role: 🤍 "Ansible for Devops" by Jeff Geerling: 🤍 "Ansible 101" Series by Jeff Geerling: 🤍 Awesome Selfhosted Github: 🤍 Follow me: Twitter 🤍 GitHub 🤍 Twitch 🤍 Support the channel: Patreon 🤍 PayPal (one time donation) 🤍 Music: Jalowo – Luminism (ft. Yonderling) Hale – Moment Tru Genesis – Burned King Pong – Game Recognize Videos are edited with Davinci Resolve Studio. I use Affinity Photo for thumbnails and Ableton Live for audio editing. Video gear: Camera 🤍 Main lens 🤍 Microphone 🤍 Key light 🤍 Softbox 🤍 Secondary light 🤍 Other stuff that I use: Monitor 🤍 Monitor arm 🤍 Laptop stand 🤍 Keyboard 🤍 Mouse 🤍 Audio interface 🤍 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:29 The dashboard and media applications 02:21 Nextcloud 03:20 PhotoPrism 04:15 Bitwarden/Vaultwarden 05:30 System applications 06:35 PiKVM 07:48 PiHole & Unbound 09:07 Home Automation 11:36 Other stuff 12:15 The OS 13:05 Storage and filesystems 14:38 Security 16:57 Dynamic DNS 17:59 Provisioning and deploying 19:09 IaC (Infrastracture as Code) 20:00 Why not just use shell scripts? 22:14 Ansible playbook walkthrough 23:50 Yeeting my bootdrive and reinstalling from scratch 25:48 Thoughts and considerations 26:38 Special thanks and outro

setup a FREE VPN server in the cloud (AWS)


Setup a free VPN server in the AWS cloud using OpenVPN. Want to learn more about AWS? Dive a bit deeper with my course: 🤍 👊👊👊support the mission, join thisisIT: 🤍 ☕☕OFFICIAL NetworkChuck Coffee: 🤍 ☕☕ my FREE CCNA course: 🤍 Join the Discord server: 🤍 🔥🔥Get your CCNA with BOSON🔥🔥 -CCNA Lab: 🤍 (Boson NetSim) (affiliate) -CCNA Practice Exam: 🤍 (Boson ExSim) (affiliate) -CCNP Lab: 🤍 (Boson NetSim) (affiliate) -CCNP Practice Exam: 🤍 (Boson ExSim) (affiliate) ➡️Support NetworkChuck: 🤍 ☕or buy me a coffee: 🤍 ☕ other FANTASTIC CCNA training resources: FULL CCNA course: 🤍 ( 🤍David Bombal ) ITProTV: 🤍 🔥Learn Python🔥 Codecademy: 🤍 (GEAR I USE...STUFF I RECOMMEND) My network gear: 🤍 Amazon Affiliate Store: 🤍 Buy a Raspberry Pi: 🤍 #freevpn #aws #amazonwebservices

Open Server. Установка и работа с сервером. Как создать сайт. Основы Самостоятельного Сайтостроения


Уроки по созданию сайта тут: 🤍 От автора: В этом уроке мы с вами рассмотрим работу с такой замечательной веб-платформой, как Open Server. Данный пакет можно по праву считать одним из самых качественных и удобных для веб-мастера. Из плюсов Open Server’a, которые выгодно отличают его от аналогичных продуктов, можно назвать: регулярные обновления, множество модулей, удобное управление модулями с возможностью выбора версий, работа с планировщиком (cron), удобный просмотр логов и много-много других. Все это вы найдете в данном уроке.

Incredible Budget Home Server! (Minecraft, Plex, Home Assistant, NAS)


UPDATES/CORRECTIONS: - I apologize if you came to this video expecting a computer that was readily available for $50. I wasn’t trying to be misleading, and I’m hoping to get better at making titles and thumbnails. - The Minecraft server portion of this will probably not run very well on older or low end hardware. I’m currently working on a video to run a much more optimized server on old hardware. - If you don’t know an available IP address, find the IP of your router and login. From there you can find the DHCP settings. You can probably find your server by name here. If you save or reserve that IP in your router settings, it won’t change. - It seems like there are some changes to newer versions of Ubuntu Server, so try using the same version I used in the video. I'll try to find time to look into common issues/fixes. In this one, we're once again taking a look at the HP Pavilion 500-a60, but now we're setting it up as a home server. - Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:36 The System 2:28 Installing Linux 4:10 Network Setup and Open SSH 6:18 Samba 8:17 Plex 10:58 Docker and Home Assistant 13:34 Minecraft Server 14:40 Power Consumption and Cost 15:39 Closing Thoughts - Music (in order): "Hardware Haven Theme" - Me "If You Want To" - Me "CRENSHAW VIBES" - GARRISON (🤍 "Town Groove" - Me "The Butterfly Nose" - GARRISON "VULF JAMS" - GARRISON "Living Mice" - C418 (🤍) "Dog" - C418

How to Host Your Own Email Server (for free)


Learn how to make your own self-hosted email server for free with CyberPanel, an open-source hosting control panel that takes the pain out of setting up a mail server. CyberPanel will automatically generate all necessary mail DNS records like DKIM, MX, and PTR which prevents your outgoing emails from going to spam. Self-hosted email on Linode from $5/mo 👉 🤍 (my affiliate link gives your $100 free Linode credits) Get a domain name from NameCheap 👉 🤍 (affiliate link) NOTE: If you choose to use Linode, please also enable email on your server by following the instructions under "Sending Email on Linode" 🤍 Code snippets and more at 🤍 Check out my vlog channel 🤍TonyFlorida #cyberpanel #email

IEBC now says it is ready to open election servers


The Electoral and Boundaries Body (IEBC) now says it is ready to open servers for the 2022 Presidential Election results audit. IEBC demystified the much sought-after servers saying the server is the commission's portal, which displayed form 34As. #DisruptiveFridays Thank you for watching this video. Kindly subscribe for more content from 'Home of The Untold Stories.' *About TV47* 'TV47 is on GOtv (Channel 102), DStv (Channel 268), SIGNET, Gotv, BAMBA and STARTIMES. For Breaking News, kindly subscribe by sending ‘NEWS’ to 22047. Connect with us: Website: 🤍l/ Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Telegram: 🤍 WhatsApp: 0797 047 047

You want a real DNS Server at home? (bind9 + docker)


In this Tutorial, we set up a free and open-source DNS server for your home labs. We will deploy bind9 on an Ubuntu Linux server running Docker and configure it to be an authoritative DNS server in my local network. And we also configure forwarders and access control lists to protect our internal networks. Teleport-*: 🤍 *Related Videos/Links* - [How to use Docker and migrate your existing Apps to your Linux Server?](🤍 - [Docker-Compose Tutorial](🤍 - [Traefik Tutorial](🤍 - [Bind9 Configuration and Zone Files](🤍 - [IANA's DNS Resource Records TYPEs](🤍 *💜 Support me and become a Fan!* → 🤍 *💬 Join our Community!* → 🤍 *Read my Tech Documentation* 🤍 *My Gear and Equipment- 🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction 01:29 - Advertisement-* 02:15 - What was my DNS setup before? 04:47 - What is the plan? 08:44 - Install Bind9 in Docker 11:47 - Configure forwarders 19:15 - Configure a zone 29:17 - How to use Bind9 in your network? All links with "*" are affiliate links. #homeserver #dns #docker

How to connect to Windows 10 using OpenSSH Server


In Windows 10 there is a feature, that when installed, allow users to connect remotely with the SSH protocol. In this video you will learn how to install OpenSSH Server on a Windows 10 machine allowing for remote connects via SSH. Subscribe to get the latest videos: 🤍 Connect with Wes: LinkedIn: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Enjoying this show? Get access to more online IT skills and certification training from ITProTV. Home of binge-worthy learning, ITProTV offers teams and individuals 5800+ hours of engaging & effective on-demand video training for the latest technology skills. Watch live or on-demand daily. Start learning free at ITProTV: 🤍 #OpenSSHServer #Windows10SSH #SSHProtocolWindows10

Setup voip server : How to setup a voip phone system | Setup Asterisk with UBUNTU & AWS | SIP Server


VoIP is one of the most populer technologies in telephony industry. VoIP works on SIP or Session Initiation Protocol. SIP works on TCP or UDP. In this video we have set up an AWS free tire ubuntu ec2 instance, and installed asterisk SIP server. And, then added users to established phone calls, between two users. So, here you will get to learn: 1. What is VoIP? 2. What is SIP & how does it work? 3. How to launch an ubuntu ec2 instance in AWS. 4. How to install asterisk SIP servr in ubuntu? 5. Edit asterisk configuration files and add users in asterisk server. 6. Set up sip phone in android and desktop. 7. Establish a call between two phones. After watching this video, you will be able to set up your own telephony network. GitHub Link: 🤍 Asterisk Commands: = asterisk -vvvr module load reload sip show peers #sip #voip #asterisk #aws #channelcodeboard network,pbx server,pbx,pbx config,sip,sip server,voip server,telephone server,server,minisipserver,mini,mini sip server,natok,song,new,new song,boob,view,fanny video,fanny,how to setup a personal pbx server,how to setup a personal sip/voip server setup, voip server installation,how to properly setup voip server,why setup voip,full setup voip,voip tutorial,aws, ec2, SIP, session intiation protocol

🔴24/7 Joinable Minecraft Server SMP (PUBLIC) | 2.10 Java & Bedrock Survival Server | !ip (ReRun)


🌞 (Sponsor / Member) 🌞 here for special perks: 🤍 TO BECOME A SPONSOR /MEMBER: 1.Click the JOIN button next to the subscribe button 2. IF your on ios use the link above MINECRAFT INFO: Pocket Edition : ip - port -16121 Java Edition : ip - Support-A-Creator Code: "sundry" Discord Server : 🤍 💰(Donate) to support the stream: 🤍 👕(Merchandise) to support the stream: 🤍 ALL DONATIONS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE By completing the transaction and donation, you are certifying that you are the rightful owner of these funds being donated and you acknowledge that donations are non-refundable and that there are no products or services rendered or exchanged for donations. Chat Commands for Subscribers: !sensitivity !instagram !member !twitch !twitter !server !merch !gamertag !epic !mod *Stream Rules* 1. Family Friendly 2. Do not ask for mod 3. Do Not Self promote 4. Respect others 5. Do not spam to play with me 6. No racism or politics #minecraft #minecraftlive #minecraftsurvival Ignore : fortnite, fortnite fashion show, fashion show live, fortnite fashion, fortnite livestream, stream snipes, fortnite open lobby join now, open session, fortnite open lobby live, fortnite pc, fortnite live gameplay, fortnite with friends, fortnite squad, fortnite squads with viewers, fortnite viewer games, fortnite with viewers, fortnite playing with viewers, fortnite gameplay, fortnite nintendo switch livestream, fortnite open lobby, open lobbies, fortnite xbox live, xbox stream snipes, fortnite xbox one stream snipe, stream snipes live, item shop today, item shop, fortnite console livestream, fortnite battle royale xbox one, fortnite battle royale, xbox one, fortnite stream, fortnite xbox stream, fortnite console, fortnite live stream playing on xbox one playing with subs, fortnite live stream, fortnite, fortnite livestream, open lobby, stream snipes, fortnite open lobby join now, open session, fortnite open lobby live, fortnite pc, fortnite live gameplay, fortnite with friends, fortnite squad, fortnite squads with viewers, fortnite viewer games, fortnite with viewers, fortnite playing with viewers, fortnite gameplay, fortnite nintendo switch livestream, fortnite open lobby, open lobbies, fortnite xbox live, xbox stream snipes, fortnite xbox one stream snipe, stream snipes live, item shop today, item shop, fortnite console livestream, fortnite battle royale xbox one, fortnite battle royale, xbox one, fortnite stream, fortnite xbox stream, fortnite console, fortnite live stream playing on xbox one playing with subs, fortnite live stream, fortnite battle royale, fortnite console, fortnite stream, best fortnite player, fortnite tips and tricks, fortnite update, fortnite battle royale live stream, xbox fortnite, fortnite custom game, fortnite live, fortnite custom matchmaking, fornite wins, fornite tips, fortnite season 10, xbox forntie live stream, fornite best spot to land, fornite best spots, fortnite, fortnite console livestream, fortnite xbox one, fortnite xbox livestream, fortnite xbox one livestream, playing with subs, fortnite chapter 2, fortnite, live stream playing on xbox one playing with subs, livestream, fortnite livestream, playing with subs right now, can i play with you fortnite, can i join your game, can i join your lobby, viewer games ps4 and xbox one, playing with subs on ps4 and xbox one, fortnite ps4 console livestreamfortnite live, fortnite, fortnite live event, fortnite battle royale, fashion show fortnite live, fortnite update, fortnite live stream, fortnite event, fortnite cars, fortnite chapter 2, new fortnite update, fortnite gameplay, fall guys, fall guys gameplay, fall guys game, fall guys win, fall guys funny moments, fall guys ultimate knockout, fall guys pc, mellowarmy, gaming,warzone live, warzone, warzone live event, modern warfare, fall guys live, call of duty, among us, among us live, minecraft public, minecraft smp, minecraft with viewers, join minecraft server, free minecraft, minecraft streamer, survival minecraft, creative minecraft, minecraft server with friends, minecraft server friend can join, minecraft server for xbox, minecraft server for playstation, minecraft server for pc, minecraft server for iphone, minecraft server live, minecraft all versions

DayZ Beginner Tips: Choosing a server.


Our Discord: 🤍 Come say hello or find someone to play with!

Host your own Mail Server, is it a good idea?


Host your own Mail Server, is it a good idea? I recently stopped running my self-hosted mail solution with mailcow and switched to a SaaS product (Microsoft 365). Let's try to find out when it makes sense to run a self-hosted Mail Server and in which cases you probably should not do it. #MailServer #Microsoft365 #Linux How to set up a mail server on Linux in 10 Minutes: 🤍 Follow me: TWITTER: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 DISCORD: 🤍 GITHUB: 🤍 PATREON: 🤍 MY EQUIPMENT: 🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction 01:02 - Mail Servers are complex 02:09 - Responsibilities 04:18 - Control and Privacy 05:59 - Learning 07:08 - General Advice All links with "*" are affiliate links.

9 Ways How To Host a Minecraft Server


What's The BEST Way or Website To Host Your Free or Paid Minecraft Server? Showing 9 Different Ways To Play With Your Friends or Open an SMP! We Host On 🤍 - Use code "SHULKER" to get 20% OFF! 0:00 Intro 0:13 Minecraft Realms 1:32 Hosting Websites 2:37 Wisehosting Features 3:19 LAN World 3:43 LAN Server 🤍 java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar (your jar name).jar nogui 5:37 Server With Port Forwarding 6:36 Using ngrok 7:58 Essential Mod 9:05 Aternos Hosting 10:00 Oracle Cloud Oracle Blog Minecraft Tutorial: 🤍 10:36 CONCLUSION Instagram & Twitter - 🤍ShulkercraftYT Business email: shulkercraftyt(at) Music from Epidemicsound: 🤍

How to Setup or Configure IIS(Web Server) Server in Windows Server 2019


In this video tutorial, I will show you guys how to install or Configure IIS Server in your Windows Server 2019. Note:- This video has followed all the YouTube community guideline rules. The purpose of this video is to share my knowledge with everyone that is totally Legal, Informational and for Educational purpose. I totally do not support any types of illegal acts or videos. The videos are completely for legal purposes. ✅Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 ✅ My YouTube Parts -✅ - 🔵 1. Mic : 🤍 🔵 2. Microphone Stand : 🤍 🔵 3. Headphone : 🤍 🔵 4. Phone : 🤍 🔵 5. Strip LED Light : 🤍 🔵 6. Camera : 🤍 ❣Contact Info❣: - ►Email: tapanhazra606🤍 ►Youtube: 🤍 ►Facebook Page: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 #IIS #WebServer #Server2019

Ultimate Budget Home Server!? #Shorts


One of the best things you can do with an older computer is to turn it into a home server. You can host awesome services like Plex, Home Assistant, a Minecraft Server, and much more. Watch the video here: 🤍

the oldest minecraft server


I, camman18, answer the question: What's the oldest minecraft server IM PROBABLY LIVE RIGHT NOW: 🤍 Today camman18 plays not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other Minecraft but challenge like that, but Minecraft short from TikTok camman18! It was HILARIOUS. #camman18​ #shorts​ #tiktok​ #short​ #Minecraft​ SUB TO SECOND CHANNEL - 🤍 Follow my Twitch - 🤍 Join my discord - 🤍 This Minecraft but challenge makes the funniest Minecraft videos without any funny Minecraft mods! Somehow this is the NEW funniest Minecraft video / tiktok / short ever! Instead of any other Minecraft challenge in Minecraft 1.16.4, this is a Minecraft video in Minecraft 1.16.5 in 2021! The goal was to try to inform / speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me, camman18 from twitch / tiktok / twitter , playing Minecraft Java 1.16.5 and not Minecraft Bedrock. THIS IS THE GREATEST CLIP EVER!!!!!

How To Install MySQL (Server and Workbench)


In this video I will be walking you through the process of downloading, installing and setting up MySQL (Server and Workbench) on your computer. I will be demonstrating how to do this on a Windows machine, but I have included the links and steps needed for Mac and Linux as well. Learn SQL In 60 Minutes: 🤍 Windows Install Wizard: 🤍 Mac: Server Install: 🤍 Workbench Install: 🤍 Linux: Server Install: 🤍 Workbench Install: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 GitHub: 🤍 CodePen: 🤍 #MySQL #SQL #MySQLWorkbench

i bought a new SERVER!! (VMware ESXi Setup and Install)


Need to run to the Data Center? You’ll need some super nerdy shoes from Vessi: 🤍 (Use code: chuck to get $25 off your order!) I bought a new (old) server to add to my lab!! Buying an old Dell PowerEdge Server or an HP Proliant is the best thing you can do to beef up your lab and start learning. In this video, I walk you through how I set it up with VMware ESXi 6.7 (Vsphere) as the hypervisor. VMware ESXi 6.7 (FREE LICENSE KEY): 🤍 Stuff from the video - Buy my server: 🤍 (12-Core 64GB RAM 12TB Raid PowerEdge R710) (affiliate) Flash Drive: 🤍 🔥🔥Join the NetworkChuck membership: 🤍 Sponsored by Vessi SUPPORT NETWORKCHUCK - ➡️NetworkChuck membership: 🤍 ☕☕ COFFEE and MERCH: 🤍 Check out my new channel: 🤍 🆘🆘NEED HELP?? Join the Discord Server: 🤍 STUDY WITH ME on Twitch: 🤍 READY TO LEARN?? - -Learn Python: 🤍 -Get your CCNA: 🤍 FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE - Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Join the Discord server: 🤍 0:00 ⏩ Intro 2:13 ⏩ What You’ll Need 3:53 ⏩ Installing VMware 8:10 ⏩ Raid Configuration 9:40 ⏩ Launching ESXi 6.7 (Vsphere) 11:33 ⏩ Setting Static IP 13:44 ⏩ Setting up VMware 15:51 ⏩ Booting up VMware AFFILIATES & REFERRALS - (GEAR I USE...STUFF I RECOMMEND) My network gear: 🤍 Amazon Affiliate Store: 🤍 Buy a Raspberry Pi: 🤍 #Vessi #NewServer #VSPHERE

How To Setup PROXY SERVER Settings In Google Chrome | Proxy Settings On Windows 10 PC


Hey Guys Sourav Dutta Here And Today i am Going To Show you How To Change Proxy Server Settings In Google Chrome • Set a Proxy Settings On Windows 10 Computer Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Facebook Page - 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This Channel DOES NOT Promote or encourage Any illegal activities , all contents provided by This Channel is meant for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE only . Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Thanks for watching....And Plzzzz Subscribe The Our Channel Tech Help Sourav...........

Install openSSH server on Windows 10


Video showing how to install openSSH server on Windows 10. Make sure that you have updated Windows version to be able to install it from apps & features as the video is showing.

How to: Port forward your Minecraft server (ANY VERSION) | Working


Want to host your own Minecraft server, but you're confused with how to port forward? Don't worry, it's super easy. This video shows you how to allow the server through your Firewall AND port forwarding! This means that after watching this tutorial, you'll have everything done and ready! Using an extender, or more than 1 router between you and the internet? See this video: 🤍 Timestamps: 0:00 - Explanation 0:38 - Finding your server's port 1:10 - Allowing it through your Firewall 3:29 - Port forwarding 5:30 - Letting others connect to your server 6:25 - Connecting to your own server #Minecraft #Guide #PortForwarding - 💸 Found this useful? Help me make more! Support me by becoming a member: 🤍 - 💸 Direct donations via Ko-Fi: 🤍 💬 Discuss video & Suggest (Discord): 🤍 👉 Game guides & Simple tips: 🤍 🌐 Website: 🤍 📧 Need voice overs done? Business query? Contact my business email: TroubleChute (at) Everything in this video is my personal opinion and experience, and should not be considered professional advice. Always do your own research and make sure what you're doing is safe.

Simple HTTP Server in Python


In this video, we learn how to build a simple Python HTTP server. ◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾ 📚 Programming Books & Merch 📚 🐍 The Python Bible Book: 🤍 💻 The Algorithm Bible Book: 🤍 👕 Programming Merch: 🤍 🌐 Social Media & Contact 🌐 📱 Website: 🤍 📷 Instagram: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🤵 LinkedIn: 🤍 📁 GitHub: 🤍 🎙 Discord: 🤍 🎵 Outro Music From: 🤍 Timestamps: (0:00) Intro (0:28) Command Line (6:18) Custom Python HTTP Server (17:23) Outro

How to open an .MDF file? (Attach a Database in SQL Server)


This video shows how to attach a database in SQL Server 2008 R2. It covers a common Access Denied error and provides solutions. At the end, it briefly covers the Detach mechanism and the sp_helpfile procedure. More information can be found on this subject at: 🤍

How to Install SSH Server on Windows 10 - Remote into a computer using Command Line [OpenSSH]


SSH Server on Windows 10 will show you how to install and use the Open SSH Server to be able to SSH from Windows/Linux into your Windows 10 Computer. Use SSH Server to be able to remote in and connect to your Windows 10 Server/Computer. Easily install the SSH Server feature [OpenSSH] on Windows 10 and use Linux, MacOS, or Windows to remote SSH into your new OpenSSH Server. An SSH Server is a great way to setup remote access to a headless server/system/computer. This allows you to issues commands to the remote system and change files, configs, and much more on the remote system of your choice. We'll connect to the local server we setup [OpenSSH] on Windows 10 and create a file. Give SSH a try in Command Prompt/Terminal today. My Linux Cheat Sheet and 25 Page Checklist here: 📚 🤍 Share this free tool and support Small YouTubers 🤍 (I made this tool to help creators) Want more info/content? 🤍 Useful Links/Commands: Discord Link: 🤍 #ssh #linux #windows 00:00 SSH Server Install 02:10 SSH Server Enable Service 03:32 Add Firewall Rule for SSH Server 05:07 Find Local IP address 05:46 Test Connection to SSH Server 06:51 Using SSH on OpenSSH Server

How to setup VPN server on your home router, OpenVPN


Setup OpenVPN server on Asus router to access your home network and your internet connection remotely Link to the Asus RT-AX3000 router: 🤍 Recommended Amazon Tech products: 🤍 Amazon links are affiliate links. I gain a small percentage at no cost to you if you make a purchase. This will help my channel. Thank you. Join my channel to get access to perks, it will help the channel big time 🧡: 🤍 ✅ Subscribe, it really helps: 🤍 00:00 Intro & video 00:56 Setup DDNS 03:10 Setup OpenVPN server 06:38 Export the configuration file 07:14 Connecting to the VPN 10:16 Demo Follow me on My websites 🤍 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Use the instructions in this video at your own risk. We are not responsible for any data loss or other damages that may occur

Setup SSH in VS Code to access your server easily


Today we will use SSH in VS code to easily access our server files and also able to upload and download them graphically How to setup SSH - 🤍 🙏Thanks For Watching 🙏 😵Don't forget to Like 👍, Share ✌🏻& Subscribe👆🏽 Please Support Me 😍 Patreon - 🤍 Paypal - 🤍 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Social Medias 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Discord - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍

Set Up Your Own Wireguard VPN Server with 2FA in 5 Minutes!


The playbook 🤍 LowEndStock 🤍 DuckDNS 🤍 Follow me: Mastodon 🤍logy/web/🤍notthebee GitHub 🤍 Twitch 🤍 TikTok 🤍 Support the channel: Patreon 🤍 PayPal (one time donation) 🤍 Music: Mansij – Life With Myself Kitrano – Slow Evening Liquidy – Afternoon Videos are edited with Davinci Resolve Studio. I use Affinity Photo for thumbnails and Ableton Live for audio editing. Video gear: Camera 🤍 Main lens 🤍 Microphone 🤍 Key light 🤍 Softbox 🤍 Secondary light 🤍 Other stuff that I use: Monitor 🤍 Standing desk 🤍 Monitor arm 🤍 Laptop stand 🤍 Keyboard 🤍 Mouse 🤍 Audio interface 🤍 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases Timestamps 00:00 Introduction 01:29 Choosing and buying a VPS 04:21 Logging in and running the playbook 08:05 Setting up two-factor authentication 09:18 Connecting to the VPN on mobile and desktop 10:51 Outro

How To Start a Minecraft SMP Server for FREE...


this is How To Start a Minecraft SMP for FREE... yep you hear that right free Minecraft server / how to start a smp for free #minecraft discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Subscribe! - cjl caleb Aternos: 🤍 Like ParrotX2 and his School's Minecraft Server / School SMP Series where he Started a War or Ended a War. Not Technoblade / TommyInnit / or any other Dream SMP member. This is a new and original Minecraft idea like HermitCraft or LastLife with Grian and MumboJumbo. Survival is harder than Hardcore Minecraft because PVP is on. but also how to get a free Minecraft server 0:00 A Free SMP (information) 1:46 The website For the Free SMP 2:21 How to make it (important)

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